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General terms of use and conditions
Can I tow with a Hertz car?

No. Towing is a violation of the rental agreement and is not permitted under any circumstances.

What happens if I drop the van at a different location other than indicated?

When you change the return location a higher rate may apply. Please contact your local Hertz Reservations Office for details.

What is the policy on off-road driving?

Hertz vehicles, including 4-wheel drives, are to be operated only on regularly maintained roads. Off-road use is in violation of the rental agreement.

What happens if I return the van late?

There is a 29 minute grace period. After the grace period has expired a full day’s charge will apply.

What happens if I return the van earlier?

In the case you return the van earlier than the agreed delivery date, there will be no refund.

What if I have a problem with the van?

If you should have the misfortune to suffer a breakdown, you should immediately contact 210 626 4646 / 210 94 61 044 (available 24/7). You must also contact your Hertz rental office.

What if I have an accident?

You should contact the police immediately, and then contact the renting location and advise them on the situation.

May I travel abroad with the van I have rented and what are the relevant formalities?

You will need a written approval and the issue of a green card from us. 

If I accept the CDW or the SCDW am I covered for any loss that may arise?

No, there are exceptions for damages which are not covered by any insurance. Such cases are single damages to the lower part of the vehicle, wheels and tires. Also not covered are damages due to driving on an improper road surface, towing another vehicle, transfer of explosives, rallying, etc. 

Is there a limit on mileage?

One-day van rental costs include 250 km. If the renter exceeds the mileage limit, the extra charge is €0.16/km for Group V2, €0.17/km for Group V3 and €0.32/km for Group V4. For rentals longer than or equal to 2 days, the mileage is unlimited.

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